• Are You Concerned About Bladder Cancer?

    If you have noticed blood in your urine, then it is important to arrange for an examination by a medical professional at the earliest opportunity. Haematuria or blood in the urine may not be painful, but it is a common symptom of bladder cancer. Other symptoms can include lower back pain and a burning sensation while passing urine. There are various types of bladder cancer, but it generally occurs when abnormal cells within the bladder begin to develop and divide in an uncontrolled manner.
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  • Ways Your Chiropractor Can Help With Whiplash

    As a condition that many people associate with car crashes, whiplash has the power to make your life difficult. Although it's true that whiplash can occur following a car crash, other accidents can cause it too. If the incident you're involved in pushes your neck muscles beyond their normal range of motion, whiplash can occur. Although whiplash can resolve in a matter of weeks or months, some people suffer from it for years.
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