Ways Your Chiropractor Can Help With Whiplash

Posted on: 11 February 2020

As a condition that many people associate with car crashes, whiplash has the power to make your life difficult. Although it's true that whiplash can occur following a car crash, other accidents can cause it too. If the incident you're involved in pushes your neck muscles beyond their normal range of motion, whiplash can occur.

Although whiplash can resolve in a matter of weeks or months, some people suffer from it for years. If you're experiencing the symptoms that come with it, it's worth exploring how a general chiropractor can help.

Spinal Manipulation

When your neck suddenly moves beyond its normal range of motion, there's a chance that you've trapped a joint. That joint restriction can result in ongoing pain until something frees it.

Spinal manipulation involves gently freeing the joint that is restricted. Your chiropractor may choose to use a slow movement rather than a thrust, which should make your treatment less painful.

Stabilising Exercises

Another common consequence of whiplash is disc instability. Your spine benefits from a series of discs that allow for comfortable movements. When something destabilises them, you're likely to experience pain.

Your general chiropractor will carry out stabilising exercises with you at their office. Once they're confident that you can engage in those exercises at home, they'll recommend that you do so. As a result, you can take control of your treatment and place yourself back on the road to recovery.

Muscle Relaxation

The sudden movement that comes with whiplash may cause your tendons and ligaments to stretch and tear. As a result, the muscles that they support can feel tight and tender.

One way that chiropractors overcome tight and tender muscles is through relaxation and stimulation treatments. They'll apply pressure to trigger points to encourage your muscles to relax. Depending on what they find during their initial assessment, they may also want to stretch your muscles.

Lifestyle Changes

Although you're probably doing your best to resolve your whiplash at home, some of your lifestyle choices may be making it worse. This can include the way you sit, how you sleep, and the types of ergonomic support you're using.

Your chiropractor will use their professional judgement to recommend lifestyle changes that can make a difference. Although they won't have an immediate impact, over time they can make a significant difference to the amount of pain you're experiencing.

The way your chiropractor treats your whiplash will vary according to your case. Over time, their approach can help you return to normality.

For more information, contact a general chiropractor today.


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