Why Your Children Might Need To Visit A Physiotherapy Clinic

Posted on: 21 September 2020

Traditionally, physiotherapy is often thought of in relation to adults and those more on the older side of that spectrum as well. Physiotherapy helps with everything from immediate pain relief to chronic conditions that last a lifetime, so it should come as no surprise that children also often require the needs of a physiotherapist. However, physiotherapy can help with much more than just the treatment of pain, but it can also help simply improve the lifestyle and future of your child. Here are three reasons how a physiotherapy clinic can help your child.

Poor Balance

Poor balance is often the sign of a very young child, but if this problem does not go away as they get older, then you may need the help of a physiotherapist to investigate. The cause can be all sorts of problems, from incorrect muscle growth to your child simply not understanding proper technique. A physiotherapist can help diagnose the source of the problem and prescribe exercises and treatments that address this issue going forward. They can also meet with your child on regular intervals to check up on them and give any additional targeted massage that may be required. 

Back Pain

Back pain doesn't just affect the elderly, it can be a serious problem for children as well, and one that often goes unnoticed or that is waved away. If your child complains of consistent back pain, then you should think about taking them to a physiotherapist. They may have a more serious, underlying condition that has been simmering below the surface, and a physiotherapist will be able to ensure that it does not progress any further. This treatment is far more appealing than any sort of surgical procedure that may be necessary if the condition is left unchecked.

Sporting Injuries

While you try and protect your child as much as possible, if you allow them to play any sort of sport, there is a good chance that eventually they will get some sort of injury. The important thing is to not just treat the injury itself through a cast or surgery, but also to rehabilitate your child once they are functionally healed. That means regular visits to a physiotherapy clinic where they can learn to use all of their muscles that have been dormant while they healed. This also speeds up the transition back into full motion, which is something most children are itching to have after a long time sitting out!


Vaccination fact and figures

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