Guide On Choosing Pallbearers For Your Loved One's Funeral

Posted on: 27 October 2016

If you're planning a funeral service for a departed loved-one, one aspect that you will need to consider are the pall bearers who will carry the deceased's coffin from the hearse into funeral venue and out again after the service for transport to the burial ground or crematorium.  But how do you decide who to invite to carry out this important task?  Here's some helpful advice.

Who to choose as a pallbearer

Pallbearers are usually family members or very close friends of the deceased.  They can be men or women and there are usually six people required.  This is because there are generally six handles on a coffin, three on each side.  Sometimes, there are also an additional two handles at the front of the coffin and two on the back, depending on the size and weight of the coffin.  In this case, you would need an additional two pallbearers.

Choosing pallbearers

One major consideration when choosing pallbearers is whether they will be physically able to carry out the role.  Anyone who is very slight, who is elderly, or who has a disability might not be able to manage lifting and carrying the coffin, although they could still take part in the funeral as an honorary pallbearer.  Honorary pallbearers don't actually carry the coffin, but walk beside, behind or in front of the funeral procession. If you have more than the requisite number of pallbearers on your list of those you would like to ask, you could still ask them to participate as honorary pallbearers. 

A funeral can be a very emotional experience and not everyone will feel that they can cope with the responsibility of being a pallbearer.  This is why it is very important that you discuss the role with the people you have asked so that they have the opportunity to voice any concerns before they accept your invitation.  Your funeral director will be able to explain in detail exactly what will be expected of your pallbearers, and this can be helpful in allowing people to decide whether they want to carry out the role or not.

In conclusion

One of the considerations you'll have to bear in mind when planning a funeral for a loved-one is who to invite to act as a pallbearer.  For more advice and information to help you to make this important decision, have a chat with your funeral director or funeral home staff members, like those at Caring Funerals, who will be pleased to help you.


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