3 Actions To Resume Normal Movements In The Aftermath Of An Ankle Sprain

Posted on: 27 September 2016

Recovering quickly from ankle sprains is not as easy as you might like because the weight of your body rests on it when you start walking once again. Normal ankle sprains take 2 to 6 weeks to heal, but more severe cases can take up to 12 weeks. This dormant period can weaken your ankle muscles considerably. Luckily, a physiotherapy professional can help you resume normal movements once the bone has healed — giving you strength, balance and movement back.

Begin Your Physiotherapy With Slow Instructions

When you're first ready to start walking, keep in mind that your ankle muscles may be weak because of the amount of time you've been resting them. So it simply isn't possible for you to resume your regular walking habit at the start. Your physiotherapist will start with instructions to place only partial weight on the hurt ankle. You will need to follow certain exercise instructions like low speed treadmill walks, step walks and ankle rotations to regain the strength back in your legs. Once the therapist is happy with your progress, you can start putting your full weight back on your hurt leg. 

Arrive At Every Massage Therapy Session

Massages are known to be effective for recovering ankle injuries, so don't skip them assuming that they aren't necessary. Light massages around shins, calves and ankles are used to reduce swelling. When the pain starts becoming less, your physiotherapist introduces deeper tissue massages to expand motion range and to prevent development of scar tissues. This hands-on therapy also works to reduce stiffness in surrounding tissues because of inactivity. Your physiotherapist may also use heat or ice treatments to gradually resume regular mobility of your ankles over time.

Follow Resting Instructions

Many people make the mistake of trying to resume normal activities too soon because they feel better after some physiotherapy sessions — against the advice of their therapist. The truth is that you could end up causing irreparable damage to your scar tissues because they haven't fully healed in time. Don't be presumptuous with your movements. Your physiotherapist is a professional and will guide you based on the way your ankle is healing, so follow the resting instructions given to you between every physio session. For example, the physiotherapist may recommend ankle elevation or crutches until your next session. Follow these instructions to give your ankle the best chance to heal correctly.

These actions with your physiotherapist will help you resume normal movements following an ankle sprain.


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