Healthy Teeth from a Coconut

Posted on: 21 September 2016

Something many people think about when questing for that perfect smile is teeth whitening. Whether you're considering going to the dentist for a quick polish, or arranging for porcelain veneers, there are plenty of professional options available to suit different budgets and needs. However, for a daily teeth-whitening fix, there are plenty of things you can do to remove stains, improve your oral heath and have fresher breath. These simple tips are cost effective and can easily be incorporated into your daily brushing routine. 

The Superfood - Coconut Oil

Coconut oil pulling is becoming increasingly popular as an effective way to whiten your teeth and create healthier teeth and gums. Coconut oil is well known for it's anti-microbial properties, and will help to kill bacteria in and around the mouth. As far as whitening your teeth goes, the bacterium that grows on the teeth is called plaque. This slimy substance builds up throughout the day and can eventually calcify into a hard yellow substance called tartar. By brushing regularly and using supplements such as mouthwash and coconut oil pulling, you can reduce the growth rate of bacteria and kill it off before this tooth staining process occurs. Tartar is difficult to remove and often requires intervention from a dentist, depending on the severity of it. If left too long, it can cause damage to the gums and develop into gum disease over a prolonged period of time. 

In order to incorporate oil pulling into your daily routine, just take a spoonful of coconut oil and use it like a mouthwash, pulling it through the teeth and swishing it around for up to 20 minutes. Alternatively you could just mix it with just enough bicarbonate of soda to make homemade toothpaste. The mild abrasiveness of the bicarbonate of soda will help to gently lift stains as well, and you can even add an essential oil to improve the taste. 

Rinse and Spit

For many people tea and coffee are the ultimate hot beverages. They provide a comforting warmth and just enough caffeine to power you through the day. However, the minerals in both of these beverages can cause unsightly stains, which are difficult to remove. To help prevent this, try to wash your mouth out with water as soon as you've finished your drink. It will help to remove excess liquid that can settle between the teeth and is PH balanced, which won't corrode the enamel. After eating and drinking, your enamel is at it's weakest, so try to avoid brushing straight away.

Both of these tips will dramatically improve your oral health. By killing off the bacteria, you not only remove a major cause of staining, but also one of the primary sources of bad breath. 


Vaccination fact and figures

Before I had my babies, I never realised how much confusion there was over vaccination. There are so many stories swirling around, and it can be really hard for new parents to get a good grasp on the best plan for their child. I thought it would be useful to start a totally neutral blog that looks at the health benefits and effects of vaccination so that parents can make the best decisions for their children. It's so hard and confusing to be a new parent, and I hope that my blog can make it a little easier to make the right decision with regard to vaccination.