Why Should You Choose Progressive Lenses Over Bifocals?

Posted on: 16 September 2016

You've probably heard of bifocals, and you'll almost certainly have seen someone wearing them. Bifocals have two separate lens strengths, and there's either a line separating those two parts or a separate bubble towards the bottom. They used to be perfect for people who needed glasses for both distance and close-up vision, but now you can have something better: progressive lenses.

Like bifocals, glasses with progressive lenses provide multiple lens strengths, but those differing strengths are delivered in one seamless lens. This means they look exactly like standard glasses. All you need to do is move your head to see objects far away, in the mid-range of your vision, or close-up. This comes with a number of advantages.


Bifocals have been around for a while; in fact, their invention is generally credited to Benjamin Franklin, but they've usually been associated with the elderly since it is these people who generally need them. This association can put people off wearing bifocals, but the elimination of any visible line that you get with progressive lenses means that nobody needs to know you're wearing something other than a normal set of glasses.

Of course, progressive lenses would look better even without the removal of that association. The seamless appearance just looks cooler and more professional.

Seamless Vision

Bifocals tend to do their job well; you will, after all, we able to use them comfortably whether you're reading a book or trying to spot something in the distance. However, people often dislike the 'vision jump' that occurs when you switch between long-distance and close-up. Because there's no middle ground, the effect of switching is often a little disorientating.

In contrast, progressive lenses really are seamless. The strength of your lenses will change far more gradually as you move your head, so people usually find that their vision feels more natural.

Made to Measure

When you go to your optometrist to get fitted with some progressive lenses, your eye care professional will be able to take measurements of your eyes and face, as well as the frames that you end up choosing, to make sure the visual corridor of your new glasses will be in the exact right location for your eyes.

When you wear glasses with progressive lenses, you'll rest easy knowing they have been perfectly designed.

Bifocals still work well, but they can't really compete with the effectiveness, naturalness, and style afforded by progressives. If you'd like to know more, just contact an optometrist today.


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